A Body of Work by Robert Skelton

The following is a list of my body of work as a Playwright and Bookwriter. This portfolio is a catalogue of four years of work, three of which have been produced. If you would like to read one of my plays, or if you are interested in putting on a production, please contact me and we can discuss how we can make that happen.


Produced October 3-4, 2018 at Samford University

The Bridge of Magpies is a romantic drama that takes place over the course of 3 years. Before the world encroaches around them, Arthur and Rose overcome their own personal adversities, insecurities, and fears while simultaneously – and unknowing – creating an unbreakable connection. Their story is about love conquering fear, and how true love can transcend the boundaries of space, time, distance, and even reality. 


Part One of a Trilogy

Deirdre and The Shadow is the first play in a trilogy that chronicles the life of a woman named Deirdre, her fight with depression and mental illness, and her battle with the physical manifestation of this depression: The Shadow. Over the course of the play, Deirdre struggles to maintain control of herself, as The Shadow attempts to create significant rifts between her best friend, Leah, and her ex-boyfriend, Conan. This play hopes to give insight into the mind of a depressive, and ultimately explore what it means to wage war against yourself.


Staged Reading Produced November 8, 2018

Corinna and The Enchantress is a musical that follows a young princess as she travels the land in search of her long lost father. When her grandmother receives a vision of an evil Enchantress, Corinna - accompanied by the jaded knight, Harlow - must save her father from the clutches of darkness before the entire kingdom is doomed. 


5 Ten Minute Plays Bundled Together

This Collection includes 5 Ten Minutes: A struggling playwright attempts to write his magnum opus in Writer's Block; Two sorority girls have some difficulty saying goodbye in Cookie Dough Friends; A father attempts to take his daughter on a hunting trip in The Hunt; Birdwatching enthusiast Fowler Hawkins tries to get his son interested in the outdoors in Shrike; A man goes through his entire adult life in the span of 10 minutes in Horatio Alger. Horatio Alger will be produced in Samford's Ten Minute Play Festival on December 8, 2018.